More Breakthroughs by Alan Tutt

I’ve been blessed to have co-presented with Alan Tutt twice, and to my amazement both times it created a shift with him and his message. Alan is part of the reason of why where I am today and I thought I would share his article about his new direction regarding effective prayer.

For our best and highest good, all ways…

Ilumine Ao, Al Diaz

More Breakthroughs
by Alan Tutt

When I participated in Al Diaz’s first event (SOAR, in 2006), I came away with a whole new foundation for my entire business, the Choose To Believe material. Now that I’ve participated in his The Miracle of Love event in Hawai’i, the same thing has happened again. My business is taking on a whole new direction.

Here I have to give Al tremendous credit, because a large part of this is the result of his intense energy.

I’ve heard, many times, the message to be yourself, and that if you just be who you really are, the Universe will support you. The information isn’t new to me, yet the way Al presents it makes an incredible impact.

Ever since I got home after The Miracle of Love event, I’ve been processing the shift within me. I knew I had new realizations, and that those realizations would lead me in a new direction, but I wasn’t exactly sure what that new direction would be.

Now I do.

One of the things I’ve found myself doing over the last few years is dancing around terminology — using words and phrases that weren’t quite what I wanted to use in order for my message to appeal to a wider group of people.

As an example, I’ve found a lot of folks who have many negative connotations with the word ‘God”, and so I’ve been using other phrases, such as Divine Source, the Creator, the Universe, and so on. To me, the word ‘God’ represents a Universal entity which is very much the same as gravity, electricity, magnetism, or water. It does not include any personality, any desires, any judgement, any plans, or anything else that feels human.

In the Keys To Power material, I ignored the whole idea of God, and focused on only 1 aspect of “the Infinite Presence” — Power.

For me, ‘God’ represents Infinite and Absolute Power, Love, Wisdom, and the potential for all things, including those things we humans may judge to be evil.

Other things I’ve found myself dancing around are references to the Christian Bible. The ideas I talk about can be found in most religions, yet I am most familiar with the Christian tradition, and so those references are easier to recall.

Of course, if I really want to be true to myself, I have to admit that I feel a closer relationship to many of the shamanistic cultures than to any of the organized religions.

Even so, after meditating on all this for the past week, I’ve concluded that the primary focus of my future work will be on helping people pray. While I won’t specifically cater to the Christian crowd, I won’t hold back on my use of Christian examples either.

Now, those who are familiar with my current work will understand that this is what I’ve already been doing, using different terminology, with words and phrases like “manifestation”, “Law of Attraction”, “directing Power”, “the Power of Belief”, and so on.

While I will continue to teach the same material, using more “prayer-centric” wording, this is only part of the story, because in “helping people pray”, I’m going to start doing something I haven’t done in a very long time. I’ll offer what could best be described as “prayer services”. In other words, I’ll set aside a period of time every day to tap into Universal Power and direct it to assist those who request my help. In common language, I’ll pray for them.

This is something I did in the old “Keys To Power Club” back in 2004 and 2005.

I’ve also considered how best to offer this service, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it needs to be offered on 2 levels. The first level is free to all, and due to the large numbers I expect to serve, will be handled as a group. Requests on this level will be grouped together, and I’ll pray for the entire group at once.

A second level will be made available to those who offer donations to the work, and for these folks, I’ll pray for them specifically. If the numbers on this level grow too large, I’ll probably need to segment it again, with those who donate more getting more assistance.

I realize that some folks may have a problem with the idea of prayer services being associated with money. That’s why I plan to offer a free option, and make the rest based on donations, without any specific amounts required.

I also realize that there are many, MANY organizations offering prayer services, and some may wonder what more a single person can offer in this area. In response to those folks, I’ll point out that EFFECTIVE prayer involves a lot more than simply asking for help. Most of the prayer services offered by churches simply do not get good, consistent results. And this is where I have something unique to offer, because I know how to get good, consistent results.

At one point during this time of processing, I considered focusing on the idea of “spell casting” because that is also an apt description of what I do, and certainly implies a more direct approach to a desired result.

In the end, I simply felt better with the idea of prayer.

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