Inspiration by Denis Waitley

The following inspiration by Denis Waitley was in my inbox today and I thought I would share it. It describes what The Miracle of Love World Tours have done and are doing for me personally, and that yes, we all can achieve Greatness.

For our best and highest good, all ways…

Ilumine Ao, Al Diaz

Inspiration by Denis Waitley

Baseball’s greatest hitter grew up near my neighborhood in San Diego. When Ted Williams slugged for the Boston Red Sox, my father and I kept a record of his daily batting average. And when I played Little League ball, my dad told me not to worry about striking out or not getting a lot of hits. In Williams’ finest year, dad reminded me, he failed at the plate 60 percent of the time.

Football’s greatest quarterbacks complete no more than 6 of 10 passes. The best pro basketball players make only half their shots. Actors and actresses auditioning for roles are turned down 29 out of 30 times. And stock market winners make money on only 2 out of 5 of their investments.

Since failures are a given in life, success takes more than leadership practices and a positive outlook. It also takes an appropriate response to the inevitable, including an effective combination of risk-taking and perseverance.

You must risk to gain security, but never seek security. When security becomes a major goal in life—when fulfillment and joy are reduced to merely holding on, sustaining the status quo—the risk remains heavy. It is then the risk of losing the prospects of real advancement, of not being able to ride the wave of change today and tomorrow. Had the founders of Google, Yahoo and been concerned with immediate profits and return on investment, we would not be enjoying those Internet services today.

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