Heaven on Earth by Al Diaz

Vol 48,  April 18, 2010 Heaven on Earth by Al Diaz For the most part I rarely watch TV there is not much I care to watch especially the news. The interesting thing that I notice is that if there is something of great importance that I should know about it eventually gets to me […]

A Suggestion by Al Diaz

Vol 47,  April 10, 2010 A Suggestion by Al Diaz I have a suggestion for you… something you can do on a daily basis. For whatever reason most people don’t consciously know what their natural abilities are or the natural gifts they were born with. But yet as we interact with family, friends, and even […]

It is Your Choice

It is Your Choice by Al Diaz I hear comments from people like “you always have a positive outlook”, “your always doing good”, or “why do you always seem happy?”. That happens because as often as I can I live in Joy by fulfilling my Heart’s desires. You see a few years ago I made […]

Let Go

Vol 45,  March 27, 2010 Let Go by Al Diaz With what experience are you still chained to the past or what superstition are you still holding onto? I can remember a time when I would remember and feel the “bad” or the uncomfortable experiences as equally if not more than the “good” or comfortable […]

I Allow My Self To BE Different

Vol 44, 19 March 2010 I Allow My Self To BE Different by Al Diaz As experiences play out in this journey called Life understand that in a moments notice that things can shift and change. But for many it happens with no conscious effort on their part. To them it just seems that is […]

Are You Fulfilling Your True Destiny?

Are you fulfilling your true destiny? by Al Diaz Have you done what your Heart desires? If not now… when? Fulfilling your inner most desires is what will bring you Joy into your Life. I’m not talking about what you think you want or you think you need. I am talking about what it is […]

In An Instant

In An Instant by Al Diaz In an instant Life can change but what you do with those moments dictates how your Life goes… On Monday evening the 11th my wife and I arrived home from 12 days in Hawaii feeling pretty good and glad to be home. We both thought the “Transformation Book Tour” […]

Live Your Vision

Live Your Vision by Al Diaz What I am doing right Now I wasn’t fully aware what was going on when it all started. As recently as 2005 I never would have dreamed of having 3 books published or leaving today for a book tour at the Hawaiian islands. But it has to start somewhere…it […]

Living Your Joy

Volume 39, January 22nd, 2010 Living Your Joy by Al Diaz Today I shared the following on my Facebook wall… “By bringing forth the Joy from your Heart it will shift the energy of those around you which in turn will shift the energy with those around them. That is how powerful you are…what you […]

More Than Potential

Volume 38, January 15th, 2010 More Than Potential by Al Diaz You represent more than potential… you are a fact in the making. You have the innate ability to make a difference in our world but most importantly make a difference in your own Life. That potential you have is unique to you that no […]