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Join us in Mexico City, Saturday September 28th for the Latin Premiere of BEyond Hope and Conference.


For an extraordinary one day event with Al Diaz, in Mexico City, Mexico.

Do you know that you have seeds of greatness within you?

Are there natural born gifts and talents you have yet to release?

Would you like to know what your unique purpose in Life is?

How would you like to increase your ability to receive and BE blessed even more so to have a fulfilled Life?

Are you ready for the clarity you so richly deserve?

This is an event that has new standards that other events have yet to achieve.

What you will receive during this powerful event:

An amazing change and shift for your Self and for your Life.

Knowing the value you bring into your own Life, for your Loved ones, and to our world.

Opening your Self to a multitude of new possibilities, with improvements and enhancements that allows an amazing Life, and discover an inner happiness that seemed impossible.

Having the ability to take on any creative challenge or opportunity.

Discovering the true nature of your existence in relation to all that is.

Understanding how humanity co-exists with the universe to have the desired lifestyle you require.

This is an event with practical aspects and focus on understanding and enhancing the human condition, consciousness, existence, reality, and all that it encompasses.

Guidance from one of the most prominent and well-respected guides for you to remember the answers you already have.

The respected and revered wisdom, concepts, and methods shared will exponentially enhance your level of understanding with exciting up-to-date material, to help you lead a more successful and fulfilling Life.

You deserve to remember your own answers you have been waiting for…

Join us!


“Beyond Hope”- ‘Mas Allá de la Esperanza’ un drama inspirador y lleno de suspenso.

La protagonista es Michelle, una terapeuta que utiliza el yoga para tratar las asuntos más dolorosos de sus pacientes, quién a su vez, lucha para seguir adelante después de su propia tragedia sufrida recientemente.

Michelle se reúne con un joven paciente particularmente difícil, las tensiones aumentan, y de repente se encuentra en una situación que amenaza dramáticamente su vida.

A través de la cinta el público descubre que todo lo que ha estado observando no es exactamente lo que parece.

Después de tener un gran éxito en la Premier Mundial el pasado Agosto en Pasadena, California, ahora se lleva a cabo el estreno en América Latina en la Ciudad de México este sábado 28 de septiembre. La entrada es gratuita!!!

Además habrá una reunión después de la película de cerca de 80 personas para todos los que están interesados en conocer al creador de la cinta @Al Diaz. Será una experiencia poderosa, inspiradora y también gratuita!

Les pedimos que por favor comparta este evento.

Con inmensa gratitud …

Ilumine Ao, Al Diaz

Para más detalles:


Clarity & Focus with Unconditional Love

Al speaks from the Heart with his guidance and insights that provokes healing and empowerment that allows us to remember and recognize:
– Our own answers that we are seeking, and the opportunity to see and feel the “Truth” that is already within each of us
– The innate ability we came here with
– Our own fullest potential
– Giving and receiving to our own greatest capacity
– The sacredness in others and around us
– The knowing that we are sacred
– The gift, value, or purpose we bring to our world…and most importantly into our own Life

The knowing of any or all of the above raises our level of awareness and brings forth the consciousness for healing, blessings, and empowerment, triggering shift and change, ascension through Love, discovering newer dimensions that represent liberation, and the freeing of our Heart for our own personal greatness.

Bringing forth the desired Lifestyle that we uniquely require…

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This extraordinary one day event with Al Diaz, in Mexico City, Mexico will be held at:


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Plaza Inbursa Cuicuilco

Av Insurgentes Sur 3500

Col Peña Pobre, Tlalpan

México, D.F

Phone: 54-24-95-00


Latin Premiere of BEyond Hope: 11am – 1pm

The Miracle Conference: 2pm – 4pm

Both events are FREE to attend with an invitation.

Request an invitation through email at:

Please indicate how many persons will be attending in the email.

All requests must be received by Wednesday, September 25th.